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In high school, Jody was lead soprano in her choir and had the starring role in "My Fair Lady".  It was then she realized that there was nothing she'd like better to do in life than perform in front of an audience.  But, her life went in different directions and her music took a back seat while she raised a son and tried to find herself by switching careers often.  Then 17 years ago, she met her future life partner and he encouraged her to follow her dream.

With the help of her other half, Leonard Johnson, they've been developing her singing career and together have built a unique entertainment business!  So, browse through the rest of the web site and see what Jody & Leonard can offer you and your guests at your next event! 
Jody has always loved music!  Even before she could walk, she used to hold on to the coffee table and sway and sing along with the "June Taylor Dancers" on TV's Jackie Gleason Show!
At age 4, she twirled baton and was the marching mascot for the Chili (Indiana) High School Polar Bears.

Always active in band and choir throughout elementary and high school, Jody performed in many plays, musical variety shows, and concerts.  

At Purdue University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Journalism, she also minored in Theater and performed in a  few theatrical productions.  Her love for the performing arts has never died nor has her strong desire to perform for the public.

After college, music took a back seat while Jody worked to earn a living as a single mother for many years.   However, the burning desire to sing and perform never went away and her marvelous voice has stayed with her.  Jody had almost given up the dream of ever performing, when she met that special someone who took a terrific interest in her abilities and encouraged her to do what she always wanted to do.

JODY says...
I laughed over 17 years ago when Leonard told me we should start up a business with my singing!  "Who starts a singing career at my age?"  I asked him.  But, he convinced me I wasn't too old to follow my dreams and now I'm absolutely loving my life and doing exactly what I've always wanted to do.  

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